Coffee Talk

Happy Wednesday! Our mid-week shop update has just the right amount of sass to get you through the week!  This fun Coffee themed collection is made and ready to ship today! 

Live at 9am PST!

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Coffee Talk </br> Small Project Bag
Coffee Talk </br> Zipper Notion Pouch
Coffee Talk </br> Needle Nook
Golden BFFs (large faces) </br> Zipper Notion Pouch
Golden Girls (Blanche and Dorothy) </br> Travel Lanyard
Only 1 left!
Golden Girls </br> Stitch Markers </br> Set of 4
Frappuccino To Go </br> Stitch Marker (Single):Stitch Markers,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
Mmm...Donuts </br> Stitch Marker (Single: Choice of Chocolate, Cherry, or Strawberry):Stitch Markers,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
Time to Eat! </br> Stitch Marker (Single; choice of quiche, cinnamon roll, egg, waffle, egg on toast, french bread loaf, burger)
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