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Go Crafty Hybrid Sling

  • SIZE: 10" tall x 12.25" wide 4.5" Gusset Bottom
  • 58 Pockets
  • Shoulder Strap Included
  • Stores: Interchangeable, Circular, DPN, Crochet Hooks
  • Yarn Guide
  • Pattern Holder
  • Project Bags & Purse - Carry, Store, Organize 

Why is it a Hybrid?  Because it does ALL THE THINGS! With 58 Pockets, it will carry and organize your needles and hooks with ease.

As a Project Bag, it is divine; fully lined, reinforced, interfaced and padded in all the right spots.

A Fashionable Purse for everyday use. The bottom is protected with our signature thick reinforced cotton to keep the contents safe and protect your cargo!

Handmade: We hand make all of our bags in Limited Small-run batches.  What you see in stock today, maybe gone tomorrow, and never be available again.  Don't miss out!


  • Size: 10” tall 12.25” wide at top, 7.5” wide at bottom. 4” deep at bottom.
  • Vinyl Pockets: 2 Large zipper pockets on the outside of the bag allow you an at-glance view of the contents of your larger 3” pockets.
  • Wide Pockets: 16 - 3” pockets around the front, behind the protective vinyl.
  • Tool Pockets: There are 40 small pockets on the inside of the bag. There are 8- 2” pockets for larger needles/hooks, 8- 1.5” pockets, and 24- 1” pockets for the smaller sizes.
  • Yarn Guide/Tool Holder

Our Yarn Guide is snag-free & non-committal. The guide snaps around your yarn making it easy to work with the yarn from the pocket and can be unsnapped so you can switch yarn without cutting. Also great for keeping an important tool at hands reach.

  • Attached Handle: is 13” long (just like our Sock+ or Two Skein+ Bag handle)
  • Shoulder Strap: 50" x 1" wide, Adjustable Cotton

*Fabric pattern placement will vary
This item pictured is an example of the actual product for sale and uses the same style, fabric prints, and material colors shown. *Accessories pictured are suggestions and not included.

Add On Items:

Zipper Pulls: There are 3 Zippers on this case- why not accessorize with some of our Stitch Marker Zipper Pulls, HERE. These will add a little bling to your Case & in a pinch- you will always have a row counter and stitch markers on hand!

Zipper Notion Pouch: YEP. Our Notion Pouch fits so nicely inside our Go Crafty Case we just had to mention it! Use it for notions, extra needle or hook storage, or anything else you can think of! (But if you think of something really cool, please share it on our Ravelry or Facebook pages!)



Spot clean only. Keep out of heat. (Doesn't like hot cars)

Do not machine wash.

Do not use hot iron near the vinyl cover.

Heat will ruin vinyl. 

To clean wet erase marker: use wet erase cleaning solution or glass cleaner on tissue and rub. Best to use non-Red markers, as the red can leave a stain.


Interchangeable Needle Sets:

Most interchangeable needle packs come with about 9 pairs of needles. You can fit 40+ pairs of interchangeable needles inside our case. The inside pockets are 4” tall. There are 8 -2” pockets for larger needles, 8 -1.5” pockets, and 24 -1” pockets for the smaller sizes.

If you already have a case for your interchangeable from Knit Picks or Hiya Hiya- You can even Keep those cases all together in this Case, they will fit perfectly inside the Go Craft Travel Case! The bottom is 4” deep by 7.5” long and the opt is 12.25” Long.

There are 16 pockets for cables. (And as you know, you can even double up in these pockets if you have more!)

Circular Needles & Cables

This Case will hold 16+ Circular Needles or Cables of all sizes the vinyl No Spill pocket allows you an At-a-Glance view of what you have. Besides, Needles are pretty- why hide them?

This is one of the few cases out there that supports Ergonomic Crochet hooks AND the Addie Swing Hooks! Crochet on with peace of mind!

Double Pointed Needles & Crochet Hooks

You can fit 40+ pairs of Double Points or Crochet Hooks inside our case. The pockets are 3.5” tall. There are 8 2” pockets for larger needles, 8 1.5” pockets, and 24 1” pockets for the smaller sizes.

The Ultimate Project Bag

The Go Crafty Travel Case is a mini Studio Tote. It's lined in sturdy canvas and the vinyl pockets on the outside make the bag stand up anywhere. The reinforced bottom means you don't need to worry about setting it on the floor.  The yarn guide means you can knit or crochet on the go without your Yarn rolling around town along side you.  The see-through vinyl covers are perfect for holding a pattern and setting up in front of you as a chart keeper.  As far as project bags go- this is the lap of luxury.  But less like a Land Rover and more like a tricked-out off road Jeep that can handle anything and still cleans up nice for your commute to work on Monday.

Spindle Bag

If you don't mind the zipper- this bag WILL fit a 12" drop spindle and fiber. 


This Case is a tool organizer, a project bag, a purse. A Travelers dream. The options are all up to you. Get creative- show us what you have come up with! But most of all- Enjoy!



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