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Country Twill
Pattern Marker
Pack of 3 Magnets

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  • One 9" Magnet for Large Patterns or Charts
  • One 7" Magnet for Medium Patterns or Charts
  • One 5" Magnet for Small Patterns or Charts
  • No Metal Board Needed
  • Works great with our Pattern Wallet
  • Beautiful Packaging

These Pattern Magnets are a portable way for you to keep your place while working from a pattern or chart of any size. Each pattern magnet is handmade with a quality satin or grosgrain ribbon, connecting two strong no slide magnets. 

The magnets were designed to work on books, magazines, loose patterns, and more.



  • 3 magnetic bookmarks, 3 sizes
    • The longest magnet is 9", Perfect to use across the whole portrait size 8.5" wide paper, or book. 
    • The middle size is 7" for those "in between" patterns
    • The Small is 5", these are perfect for smaller books, pattern columns, or as a guide to make sure you don't go past a certain point on the pattern. (Perfect for repeats!)
  • Use them together or on different patterns! 
    • Polarized magnetic place holders hold your place even when your pattern is bumped, moved, or on the go.
    • Ultra-portable design. No heavy magnetic boards.
    • Works very well with our Pattern Wallets for extra portability and pattern protection. (Sold separately)




    How To Use

    Use the smallest pattern magnet possible for each pattern. Smaller Magnets are easier to move up and down.

    1. The ribbon wraps around the edge of the page with one or a few pages between the magnets.
    2. Move up and down as needed. (See Pro Tip)
    3. Close your book, pattern wallet, or fold your paper, and leave the magnet in place on your pattern to pick up where you left off with ease.
    4. You are now ready to only repeat a row if the pattern calls for it. 

    PRO TIP: To navigate with ease,  When moving to the next row; slide the magnet out horizontally and away from the page (so that less page is between the magnets), move up or down, and then slide back in place. This will allow you to toggle up and down more easily. 

    Magnetic Pattern Markers:

    "So cute and easy to work with. Great companion to the Pattern Holder."
    Gayla R.
    "Replaced all my other knitting bags
    Holds at least 3 current WIPs of mine. Lightweight, yet sturdy. Beautiful fabric that fits my esthetic."
    Diane T.
    Cat butt approved!
    I have many yarn socks from Slipped Stitch, and all of them are awesome! Holds your ball together, and this one is blessed with a cat butt. Can I give 10 stars?
    Danielle G.
    Pattern Wallet:
    "Just what I needed
    It stands up when I need it to, allows for moving of tape to mark lines. The pattern stays in place until I move it and the road trip fabric was perfect to commemorate a road trip. Excellent, strong construction!"
    Faith I.
    Needle Nook:
    "Protect your project and your needles
    I am really enjoying being able to put my sock projects away in my bag, but not worry that stitches will jump off the needles or any of the needles getting lost or bent! This holder works great for my 8" double pointed needles! I ordered another holder for when I have two projects "in work" at the same time."
    Carolyn W.
    Project Bags:
    "These are the best!!!
    I love these bags. They’re sturdy, made with care and the fabrics are always so cute or beautiful. I always get questions and compliments."
    Elaine T.
    Project Bags:
    "Beautiful Bag
    With all my 50+ years of sewing experience, I’m so impressed with the quality of this and ALL the project bags!! The stitchery is perfect, the fabric is gorgeous and the design is functional…pockets inside, drawstring closure & tag loop for attachments make it perfect for carry along knitting 🧶 😃"
    Charis F.
    Yarn Socks:
    "F*ing magical is what it is
    yarn socks are awesome. Unicorns are awesome. Swearing is awesome. Combined, they are super super mega awesome, which is what these are :D"
    Sarah T.
    Print To Order: Wine Glass
    "F*ing magical is what it is
    yarn socks are awesome. Unicorns are awesome. Swearing is awesome. Combined, they are super super mega awesome, which is what these are :D"
    Candee H.
    Sock Bags:
    "Favorite Sock Bags EVER
    I LOVE Slipped Stitch Studio small project bags. I have two, and they both are my sock knitting bags. One of them I have had for almost 5 years, and it has been around the country and the world with me on travels. It still looks brand new and has held up so well. The craftsmanship, the quality, and the adorable fabrics are the best. I recently bought 2 more small project bags just so I can have backups for my sock bags if they ever disintegrate from constant use!"
    Hannah S.
    Everything is Awesome!
    "Goodie puchase!
    This is the third time I've ordered from Slipped Stitch - love the whimsical themes of their goods, they are also so practical. Always enjoy when they arrive!!!"
    Monica C.
    XL Studio Tote & Tot:
    "I love these bags!
    I have several of these XL bags. They’re perfect for large projects or several smaller ones. Really well made. And the fabrics are so cute or pretty, depending on what you choose. And they’re machine washable. They wash beautifully. I love them!"
    Elaine T.