Polka Dots - White
Pattern Marker
Pack of 3 Magnets


miPattern Magnets are a portable way for you to keep your place while working from a pattern. Each pattern magnet is handmade with a quality satin or grosgrain ribbon, connecting two strong no slide magnets. Don't loose your place or repeat the same row over and over; these magnetic bookmarks are the perfect solution to following any pattern or chart! The magnets were designed to work on books, magazines, loose patterns, and more. There is no need to carry a heavy magnet board. These sets are economical and come with three different sizes of magnets, ensuring that you can have the right magnet for the job. (Scroll down for tips & tutorial info.)

These magnets work great with our miPattern Wallets so that you can keep your spot on your pattern hands free. When you are ready to take a break, you can easily close up the wallet without losing your spot.


  • This listing is for a set of three magnetic bookmarks in the ribbon shown in the first picture.
  • Polarized magnetic place holders hold your place even when your pattern is bumped, moved, or on the go.
  • Ultra-portable design. You only need the bookmark sized pattern magnet. No heavy magnetic boards.
  • Set of three sizes: Small, Medium and Large
    • The longest magnet is 9", Perfect to use across the whole portrait size 8.5" wide paper, or book. 
    • The middle size is 7" for those "in between" patterns....
    • the small is 5", these are perfect for smaller books, pattern columns, or as a guide to make sure you don't go past a certain point on the pattern. (Perfect for repeats!) Use them together or on different patterns! 
  • Works very well with miPattern Wallets for extra portability and pattern protection. (Sold separately)


Please check out our Pattern Magnet Tutorial on YouTube for helpful tips!

The ribbon magnet wraps around the edge of the page with one or a few pages between. Move up and down as needed. Close your book, fold your paper, and leave the magnet on your pattern to pick up where you left off with ease. You are now ready to only repeat if the pattern calls for it. 

PRO TIP: To navigate with ease, keep a little of the magnet off the edge of the page. When moving to the next row; slide the magnet out and away from the page, move up or down, and then slide back in place. This will allow you to toggle up and down more easily.


My magnetic bookmarks have been featured in Crochet Today 2009 and Knit Today in 2010, and Knitting Today 2010, Knit Simple 2010, Knitty.com 2011 and Interweave Crochet in 2011!

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