Sheep + Leopard = Shepard Collection!

It's Wednesday, sometime in March and this makes sense. We have the cutest cuddly-est sheep fabric bags and a fun retro leopard print bag.  We laughed because there is NO WAY these go together... but we were WRONG!

Please enjoy our Shepard Collection! The 2 pre-order items in the collection are being sewn up right now, so please note if you grab one there will be a slight delay on shipping. 

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Woolfred and the Gang (Flannel) </br> Needle & Hook Organizer
Woolfred and the Gang (Flannel) </br> Small Project Bag
Woolfred and the Gang (Flannel) </br> Zipper Notion Pouch
Only 1 left!
Make Your Own Travel Kit - Lanyard - Grosgrain Sheep:Travel Kit,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
Woolfred Knits </br> Yarn Sock
Woolfred and the Gang </br> Stitch Marker (Single)
Classic Leopard </br> Pattern Holder & Stand </br> Knit & Crochet Pattern Organizer
Classic Leopard </br> Medium Project Bag
Only 1 left!
Classic Leopard </br> Small Project Bag
Classic Leopard </br> Zipper Notion Pouch
Leopard </br> Travel Lanyard:Travel Lanyard,Slipped Stitch Studios:Slipped Stitch Studios
Classic Leopard </br> Triangle Zipper Notion Pouch
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