Wash Your Hands

Today's collection is a mix of silly and snarky! 

We found these indie designed fabrics on Spoonflower; and we just had to get a little taste... one is a salty favorite, and not so safe for work, and the rest are sweet like the "Wash Your Paws" and the "Alpaca my Hand Sanitizer", or snarky like "It's a Jungle out There"  But any way you look at it, you will definitely remember to WASH YOUR HANDS!

This collection is LIVE at 9am PDT Wednesday


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It's a Jungle Out There </br> Zipper Notion Pouch
Only 2 left!
It's a Jungle Out There (Towelette) - Pack of 2
Wash Your F*ing Hands/Stay the F* Home - Face Mask with Pocket
Only 2 left!
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