Pawfect Art - Victory Rags (Towelette) - Pack of 2 or 4


Those of you familiar with Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy will know what I mean when I say, always have a towel.

Those of you that have been to the shops lately looking for paper products might understand on a totally different level. 

That is why we have made these wonderful little towelettes! Easy to carry with you in case of emergency!

  • These towelettes are pre-washed in ALL Free and Clear detergent, and dried without a fabric softener.
  • Towlettes can be washed over and over and used for whatever!
  • A 2020 Souvenir (I survived the CV Quarantine ans all i got was this little Towelette!?)

Some ideas are a coaster to set your drink on, a face rag for washing your face, a scrubbie for dishes, and of course- in a pinch- toilet paper. 

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