RBG **XL** Face Mask with Pocket

$17.00 $5.00

**NEW Larger face mask!! 

Please read this description in it's entirety- as we want to be as clear as possible about the items you will be receiving- if we miss anything please let me know ASAP and I will make amendments.

  • These masks are made from 100% pre-washed cotton fabric
  • 6" from top of nose to under chin.
  • Aprox 9.5" from Cheek to Cheek
  • This mask is Interfaced with an additional layer of cotton.
  • Pocket can fit an additional filter but be careful not to hinder breathing by adding thick filters.
  • This LARGER size will fit longer Nose bridge/chin ratios
  • Will fit on most men, some beards
  • Head Harness INCLUDED
  • These are not perfect protection from Covid-19. Please note the CDC Guidelines for Handmade masks (below)

The cotton is washed at our home, with ALL free and clear detergent, And dried in the dryer without fabric softener, then ironed on cotton setting.

While we take precautions here at the studio to ensure the cleanest environment possible- we pre washed the masked to allow multiple washes. So please wash your mask before use. 

Wash Instructions: Hand or Machine wash. Hot water. Mask will need to be ironed to maintain crispness. Hand wash to maintain longest, but you may want to have several on hand for rotation.


  • We are using pre-washed 100% cotton fabrics as an additional layer inside as the interfacing. This adds more protection and additional stability.


  • Head harness with cord lock for sizing. Head Harness (see Picture) goes under the ears and above the ears and can be tightened with a cord lock. Cord provided will be 46" + a cord lock.

This mask is intended to help stop the slow of germ contamination, but MUST be used in accordance with the CDC Guideline. Which states that covering your face when you leave the house is a "voluntary public health measure" and must not replace proven precautions like self-quarantine at home, social distancing and thoroughly washing your hands.

The wearing of the masks by all individuals can give some degree of barrier protection from respiratory droplets that are coughed or sneezed around them. Early reports show that the virus can live in droplets in the air for up to one to three hours after an infected individual has left an area. Covering your face will help prevent these droplets from getting into the air and infecting others.

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